Exploratory Drilling Plan

BRG has submitted a comprehensive drilling plan of operations with Nez Perce National Forest during the 4th quarter of 2012. The plan has a total of 16 drill hole locations that will target historical mining activities and test these deposits at depth and along strike.

Historic Data Map

Gold mineralization throughout the Elk City region is consistently found in close proximity to the contact between the Idaho Batholith and Metasediments of the local country rock. Regional airborne magnetic data shows the geologic contact between iron rich biotitie metasediments (magentic high) with felsic Idaho Batholith (magnetic low). This contact represents a structural weak zone that was suceptible to later stage gold mineralizing events, as evidenced by the trending historic Mines that worked the high-grade dilatant quartz veins. These make for excellent exploration targets due to the known high grade veins that have excellent potential for lower grade mineralization envelopes within the intruded country rock.

Grab Sample Map

Grab rock samples were taken from left over workings of historic mines. The highest grade sample (15 ppm Au) was that of a Quartz Breccia containing a sulfide rich matrix. The mid range (3-9 ppm Au) samples were typically quartz with sulfide veinlets or vugs. The lowest grade (0.5-1.0 ppm Au) samples were those of altered country rock, typically schist or gneiss. All thirteen samples assayed contained anomalous gold values.